Some of us were born into tight knit communities. Others find it super easy to build community is almost any environment. Then, there is me… an independent & introverted busy-bee, who wants community but has difficulty finding the motivation, energy, & time to intentionally create impactful community. Can you relate?

See, having a community, a village, a support system is crucial to this life that we’ve been given. So, the enemy is hoping that we will settle for the illusion of community, and the fantasy of support. He is okay with you going to church on Sunday and leaving without talking to the people on your row. He is even okay with you going to small group once a month. The devil is not tripping over that stuff, or over our superficial relationships with other Christians. But when we have the audacity to form meaningful relationships with other believers, who will go into their prayer closets on our behalf, the enemy knows that defeat is coming his way. When we seek genuine friendships and godly counsel, then we become better equipped to truly walk in victory.

Ever since I moved for Physical Therapy School, maintaining community has been difficult for me. I haven’t done a good job of consistently reaching out to family and friends. I haven’t been consistently intentional about building true community in my geographical area. Honestly, very few people in my life, truly KNOW who Monique is, including the highs & lows, the dreams & fears. That level of intimacy is scary; but God is teaching me and showing me how crucial it is to my spiritual walk and to my mental health. He began showing that to me during my stormy season last year, the health scares that followed, and the more recent attacks on my mind. I thank God for opening my eyes to see who I can trust and depend on; for showing me who was willing to encourage me and pray for me. Recently, I began to feel more alone than I ever had. Then, just when I needed it the most, the members of my community reached out to me without even knowing what was going on. I’m just here to thank God for showing me the value of true community.

What about you… Who do you consider to be your community? Will they pray for you in the big things and the small things? Do they ever reach out to you, selflessly? Are they willing to support you, even if it’s inconvenient? Do you feel loved in their presence?

God wants you to have true community. It’s so crucial that even Jesus lived in community while he walked this earth. The enemy knows this and wants to destroy the impact of your community. It increases his chances of winning you over. Don’t let him win!

Published by Moniqué Danaê

God's Strategique Gyal. Holistic Nutrition Specialist. Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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