……………….anddddd we’re back! I’m so excited to be back with TWO new posts on this marveloussss #MoWisdomWednesday …if you’re new to The Example Generation, let me catch you up! We are mid-series, discussing the words that God has placed on my heart for the new year & this new season of my life. So far, we have discussed Patience, Endurance & Community. Today, we are discussing Agility & Release. On March 27th, we will be wrapping up the series with VISION !!! [can you tell how excited I am?]

As you know, the Example Generation is a family of believers. So, I want to take a moment and ask ya’ll to keep me lifted in prayer. For the last month, the enemy has been on serious attack, fighting for my mind and my life. Every day has really been its own battle; hence, why I was unable to write anything genuine during that time. I’ve truly missed writing to ya’ll …I’m so grateful for life and so grateful for the ability to hear God speak again! Please comment below if you have any of your prayer requests! Now, let’s get to it!

Agility (noun) : the power of moving quickly and easily: nimbleness; the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity. | synonyms: dexterity*, swiftness, cleverness, alertness| (near) antonyms: inability, incapable, insufficiency

*dexterity (n): readiness and grace in physical activity; mental skill or quickness; synonym: finesse | antonyms: incompetence, inadequacy

During my Stormy Season last year, I had some very clear moments of self doubt and feelings of failure. During the past 4 weeks, I was completely overwhelmed, mostly by all the build up of microaggressions from coworkers and family members that were causing me to feel inadequate and afraid of failure. Not to mention the resurfacing emotions, internalized thoughts & (apparently) unresolved trauma from my Stormy Season. Now, if you know me personally, than you know that this is not really characteristic of me. That being said, I was very relieved when God spoke this word to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to operate in patience and endurance (and they definitely still apply!). At the same time, I finally felt my joy, peace, and confidence restored when God revealed the word agility; saying that “things that were hard before will become to be easy.” So, I will continue to speak it over this season and believe God for the manifestation of agility.

As I have done with each of these words, I began to research the meaning of the words and the presence of it in the bible. My favorite parts of exploring the definition, synonyms & antonyms were: 1- finding the correlation between the word AGILITY and FINESSE (*cue music*); 2- seeing the clear distinction from AGILITY and inability, incapable, insufficiency, incompetence, inadequacy. such a wordddd! Then, using the New English Translation (NET), I found that “Agility” appears three times in the word of God. As I explored the context of each occurrence, God provided me with more clarity, more peace, and more hope for my situation. I pray that as you read what follows, that something will resonate with you to give you hope for the circumstances that you are facing. Maybe the word that stands out for you is not agility….maybe its rejoice, deliver, power, shelter, strength. Maybe not. Either way, I will continue to pray that something you read in this series will resonate with you or inspire you for this season of you life.

Habakkuk 3:18-19 says I will rejoice because of the LordI will be happy because of the God who delivers me19 The sovereign Lord is my source of strengthHe gives me the agility of a deer; he enables me to negotiate the rugged terrain. **

**In Psalms 18:30-36 we find another powerful passage (a song by King David) that includes this identical statement. In almost identical wording, we find the statement again in the following passage:

2 Samuel 22:30-37

30 Indeed,with your help I can charge against an army;
by my God’s power I can jump over a wall.
31 The one true God acts in a faithful manner;
the Lord’s promise is reliable;
he is a shield to all who take shelter in him.
32 Indeed, who is God besides the Lord?
Who is a protector besides our God?
33 The one true God is my mighty refuge;
he removes the obstacles in my way.
34 He gives me the agility of a deer;
he enables me to negotiate the rugged terrain.
35 He trains my hands for battle;
my arms can bend even the strongest bow.
36 You give me your protective shield;
your willingness to help enables me to prevail.
37 You widen my path; my feet do not slip.


Love, Monique Danae

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