Second Wind

Guess W H A T  Ya’ll ! ? ! ? ! ?

I am OFFICIALLY a Full-Time Doctor of Physical Therapy Student!!!        ….again

For those of you who haven’t read my Stormy Season Series, here’s what you missed:

In January 2018, I began my Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. I was so excited, I’d been working towards that moment since my sophomore year of high school. I was also nervous to enter this new environment with wayyyy different demographics than my undergraduate experience. I tried to be less of a homebody, be more social, ignore the culture shock, study, study, study, don’t think about how much debt I’m gonna be in, don’t acknowledge how lonely you are, there’s no way I’m homesick when I can’t even get along with my mom. Breathe. Workout. Sleep. Eat better. Lose weight. I failed ANOTHERR test? It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t cry. DONT CRY. You’re fine, I promise, you’re fine. ACADEMIC PROBATION.? Okay. Breathe. It’ll get better. It HAS to get better. Study. Study. Study. Have faith. LEAVE SCHOOL? what? no, no, I can’t. that’s embarrassing, I can’t, I won’t……. wait, so I HAVE to? …don’t cry. . . . . . . okay. . . . . . CRY!!! Eat your feelings. YELL !!! CRYYYYY!!! Wait, how am I gonna pay rent . . . ?


I thought the storm would be over soon. In fact, I told ya’ll that in part 7. It wasn’t over. See, this year my body finally processed the trauma…It almost broke me. In the scariest ride of my life, I experienced panic attacks, anxiety, dissociation, depersonalization. I GOT A THERAPIST. Thank GOD for her! I endured constant microaggressions and constant lack of respect at my job. I moved home for the first time since I left for college. Thus, I had the tough conversations to help heal my relationships with my mom. I finally confessed my struggles with lust on this blog.


Now, on the same day that everything fell apart last year…I’m grateful that I can truly say that Things Are Finally BETTER!

  • I have successfully completed my grade replacements and am entering my Fall Semester with a 3.2 GPA
  • I will successfully complete my Holistic Nutritionist Certification by September 2019
  • The Example Generation has re-branded and launched our Product line via Etsy!
  • I moved into a new apartment where I feel at peace.
  • I have a stronger relationship with God, who continually gives me strength, wisdom, favor, and joy!

Lastly, The other day, I heard Anthony Brown on the radio talking about his newest project: Second Wind and I can’t wait for it to be released! See over the last year, I’ve contemplated quitting, and giving up from emotional exhaustion and feelings of failure and doom. BUT now I’m claiming and declaring a SECOND WIND blessing over my second attempt of PT school. This is not the end for me.  Nah, because I’m back…and I’m Better!


Stay Tuned & Keep me in your prayers!

💛 Moniqué Danaê

Published by Moniqué Danaê

Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Student Physical Therapist, and Strategist.

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