Jesus + Therapy

I never thought that I would need a therapist. I was always so “grounded”, so “wise”, so sane. I always had Jesus to give me peace and comfort. I always had prayers, sermons, & gospel music to lift my spirits. Yet, growing up, I cried myself to sleep many nights. I never really knew how to love myself. I didn’t realize that being busy was one of my biggest coping mechanisms.

About this time last year, I abruptly lost the luxury of “busy”. I no longer had 50 tasks a minute to complete. I no longer HAD to study. I didn’t have much on my plate to juggle. I had nothing but time to sit with my thoughts & reality. I had no choice but to deal with reality.

Although I was never anti-therapy, I was anti- “diagnose Monique with something that requires medication”. This year, after a few really scary panic attacks, I found a awesome therapist. My therapist is a woman of color & a woman of God…I couldn’t be more grateful for her! She has helped me to address things that I was subconsciously running from. She has helped to validate experiences in ways that I was afraid to vocalize. She has challenged me to speak up. She has reminded me to give myself the credit and the grace that I give to others.

Make no mistake, I would NOT have made it through without Jesus on my side. My point is that I would NOT have made it through without Jesus & without Therapy. So, shout out to The Happy Givers for this “It’s okay” line, because it is okay to have Jesus & a Therapist! (You can purchase their products through my affiliate link here).

Next time, I’ll tell ya’ll more about the essential oils in my Jesus + Therapy bag. They’ve also had such a big impact on me this year.

Stay Tuned!!!

Published by Moniqué Danaê

Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Student Physical Therapist, and Strategist.

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