Twenty Nineteen

Hey Friends! Its time to RECAP 2019:

In case you didn’t know, I’m usually really excited to make vision boards. See, my vision, my dreams, my plans for the future have always been very clear to me. However, after the mayhem that was 2018, my vision became very cloudy. My hope was fractured. My joy was crippled. I really struggled to EXPECT anything from 2019. I was too anxious, too disappointed, and way too fearful. My only desire was to survive. It was the only fight that I had the energy for. Honestly, 2019 felt like 5 years to me. My anxiety lengthened my days. My blurry vision made it near impossible to see past my current predicament. It felt like things would neverrr get any better.

Yes, I know that this may sound very dramatic.

It was my reality. Maybe you can relate. Maybe not.

Early March, I forced myself to sit down and make a vision board. So this year, I decided to make a huge board that represented my vision, dreams and prayers for the next 3 years. It covered my desires for my career, my lifestyle, my mental health, my community and yes, even my love life.

Mid March, I left a job that was a completely unhealthy environment. It was literally driving me crazy ya’ll. My anxiety levels were high and my panic attacks were the last straw. Things started to turn around when I won a social media giveaway from the American Fitness Professionals Association. (Ya’ll, I neverrr win those kind of things, not even raffles). The giveaway waved the ENTIRE cost of my Holistic Nutritionist Certification!

In May, I moved back to my parents house. Since I no longer had an income, this was my only option. I wasn’t excited about this since my relationship with my mom needed a lot of work. Thankfully, we both did the tough emotional work & we have a MUCH BETTER relationship now. Thank God for answering our prayers!

In June, I turned TWENTY FOUR (even though the devil had me convinced that I wouldn’t even see that day). I also started a new STRESS FREE job, which I still work at part time.

In August, I moved back into my own apartment, with the perfect amount of space! I also returned to my Physical Therapy program FULL TIME. I still had a lot of anxiety. I was fearful that I would fail again. I spent the rest of the semester reading my previous blog posts about my stormy season and watching the sermon series that gave me hope during that season. It seemed like everyone kept reminding me how hard this semester was, so it took a lot of mental work to encourage myself to push through.

Have you read my August Blog Posts? 

Second Wind  Jesus + Therapy   Jesus + Essential Oils 

In November, I became a AFPA CERTIFIED HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST. [follow @MoDa.Wellness on Instagram]

In December, by the GRACE of God, I finallyyyyy completed my first year of DPT school. Which means: I AM OFFICIALLY A SECOND YEAR PHYSICAL THERAPY STUDENT. && 2 years from now, I WILL BE a Physical Therapist.

I THANK GOD that I am ending 2019 with success and clarity. I THANK GOD for my second wind! Stay tuned for more consistent content in the new year =) 

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God's Strategique Gyal. Holistic Nutrition Specialist. Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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