FREE your mind.

When I was dealing with persistent anxiety, paranoia, disassociation, panic attacks and other PTSD related symptoms….It felt like my mind was in bondage. It was clear to me that I was under attack. It was clear to me that I needed to pray and I needed for others to be praying on my behalf. The scary part was that it didn’t feel temporary. It felt like this was going to be the battle that I would deal with forever. It felt like the battle that was going to take me out. These manifestations of FEAR were going to take my life. I just knew it.

I don’t know what you are going through today…but it is Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s chat. Jesus cares about your mental health, and so do I. 

Whether you have a diagnosis or not….you may be feeling like your mind is under attack. IT IS. The enemy knows that if he can manipulate your thought process and influence you to have constant and unconscious destructive thinking…then he can have your life. IT IS AN ATTACK. You have to start treating it accordingly. THIS IS WAR…but I’ll tell you a secret. I might not be able to predict the future, howeverrrr I do know that YOU ARE on the winning side. As long as you are seeking the Father, and are submitted to him, YOU WILL COME OUT VICTORIOUS! Periodttttt.

Imagine for a second, that you are the Commander in Chief. Another country has come to attack your people. So, you alert your Army and send them out to battle. Would you send them into battle unarmed? …I think not.

God has NOT allowed this battle of your mind to commence without providing the armor or weapons that you need to win. It is up to you to go get the armor and go get the weapons, so that you can walk into the victory that he has promised you. 

But Monique….what is this armor? What are the weapons? What must I do to win this battle?

I am glad you asked….

  • Fervent prayer. Prayer is a opportunity to talk to your heavenly father. Through prayer you have access to the one who knows EXACTLY how you feel, and EXACTLY how you will will this battle. 
  • Ask for prayer. If you are anything like me, you don’t like to ask for help. Don’t let that PRIDE, be the thing that blocks your breakthrough. Reach out to your pastor, a family member, or a friend that you trust to pray for you and with you. 
  • THERAPY! There are Christian therapists, and therapists who look like you. Read my post on Jesus and Therapy here. It is helpful to find out your triggers and dysfunctional thought patterns, so that you can address them through practical steps and through prayer. 
  • Read the WORD OF GOD. Find the promises of God in scripture and declare them over yourself. Biblical affirmations are profoundly POWERFUL.
  • Give yourself Grace. Sometimes we beat ourselves up and allow the Devil to convince us that we deserve our battles because of our sin. That is a trick of the enemy. God has new mercies for you EVERY morning. Ask God for grace, accept his grace, and then give yourself grace! God isn’t asking you to be perfect, because he knows that it is impossible for us. Don’t give up on being closer to Christ everyday. He has given you grace. ACCEPT IT! 
  • It is okay to cry! God hasn’t asked us to ignore our emotions. He knows how you are feeling…let it out! plus, we all know that Jesus Wept 😉 …so, he gets it! 
  • Watch what you eat! The more processed food and meats you consume, the more physiological difficulty your body/brain have regulating your moods. A little dark chocolate doesn’t hurt 😉 

Read this Scripture: Ephesians 6:11-17

Watch these sermons from TONY EVANS and this series from the Liquid Church



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God's Strategique Gyal. Holistic Nutrition Specialist. Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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