Lord Willing.

Lord, please use the following words to speak directly to my sister/brother who is reading this post today.

“you do not know what tomorrow will bring…..you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.”

James 4:14-15 | ESV

I’ve been a dreamer all my life. The small details, the day to day tasks, they never mean much to me without the big picture. That’s one thing that was so hard during my stormy season. The enemy weaponized my anxieties to stop me from dreaming & blur the vision that God had already given me. I lost hope, and it’s really hard to dream without hope.

Well, this year has presented that similar challenge. When we witness & experience everything that is happening in the Earth, we can either be hopeful or feel hopeless. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a daily battle for me. For a while, I was too afraid to plan, too afraid that my dreams wouldn’t pan out. I didn’t see the point in planning (helloooo procrastination). However, I’m reminded that God does NOT want us to live without a plan (Habbakuk 2:2). He just wants us to remember that our lives belong to him and that his will prevails.

Friends, we are living in unpredictable, uncertain, and tumultuous times. This is a year where little-to-none of our plans are panning out the way that we envisioned. Our plans have been restructed, rescheduled…rescheduled again OR abandoned. Often, it may feel like planning is pointless right now.

I’m actually realizing that it’s quite nice to have a plan in the midst of uncertain & unpredictable times. It helps me to breath a little easier. It helps to clear some of the mental fog. It helps me to stay focused. Listen, if the unknown gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. Our fears surface in the face of the unknown or with any threat of danger. However, the Bible tells us to fear not; to introduce our fear to our FAITH and press on. Faith smothers fear, which is the root of anxiety. Having a plan in uncertain times is an act of Faith.

So, I encourage you to get back to planning, get back to the vision, and get back to working diligently in your purpose. Plan for tomorrow, even though it’s not promised. Then, submit that plan to the Lord. “Not my will, but your will be done”

Okay, so maybe planning far in the future is too difficult for you today. I get it. Start by setting aside time each morning to plan the day ahead. If the Lord wills, this is what I will do today. Make a to-do list OR an hourly schedule to tackle what MUST be done. Don’t forget to incorporate intentional rest in your day. Then, submit your plans to God.

“Good Morning Lord. Thank you for waking me up another day. Thank you for breathing into my lungs once again. Thank you for another opportunity to walk in purpose, to grow in faith, and to experience your goodness on Earth. Lord, it is clear to me that I cannot accomplish anything today without you. I will need your strength, your peace, your wisdom, your protection, your provision, and your guidance to do anything. Enable me to focus in the presence of distractions. Father today, I hope to do/accomplish ____________ . I know that through Christ, I can accomplish all of this, if that is in your will. So, I submit my plans to you. Grant me the serenity to accept any deviations that you deem necessary. For I know that your will for me is greater than any plan that I can make. What you have placed ahead of me, is better than anything that I can imagine. So, even when the deviations feel rocky, I know that you are working it out for my good. I trust you. Order my steps. In Jesus Name, Amen”

Published by Moniqué Danaê

Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Student Physical Therapist, and Strategist.

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