so, it’s november

Honestly, this month has triggered plenty of anxiety for me this year. Now that it’s here, I’m taking a deep breath.

You know, every month I see social media posts saying “July, be good to us….September, don’t come in here with that foolishness.” This is NOT that kind of post. November, is just not going to be some easy, peaceful, “business as usual” kind of month. I mean, have you seen what is happening in the country and in the world? November is going to have storms. Covid-19 is not going to disappear. The election results will likely trigger some “civil unrest”. The devil is not taking a sabbatical right now….nope, not at all.

I know that this might feel like some pessimistic, depressing, angry, hopeless perspective. I’m just being real. There is so much political, social, and spiritual turmoil in the Earth. If we step into this month under the pretense that “it’s going to be better”, then I believe that we are doing ourselves a disservice. No matter what your skin color is, no matter which candidate you voted for, no matter how much money you make, we must be spiritually aware and prepared.

So, throughout this month, I am committed to writing and sharing whatever God is showing me, teaching me, and leading me to share with you. Sometimes, it may directly relate to what you are seeing on the news. Sometimes, it may directly relate to what God is doing in your heart and in your life. Sometimes, it may be something for you to share with someone else. I just pray that He speaks.

Today, I just want to share a prayer for November.

This prayer is a personal one. As a young, black, female Christian…I have real fears for my health, my safety, and my sanity in this season. I anticipate increased struggle to remain consistent and focused on what God has placed in front of me. I am aware that the enemy will continue to attempt to drown out the voice of God through the many, many voices on social media, in the news, and within my community. It makes me anxious and overwhelmed in advance. It does. I am grateful that my heavenly Father allows me to acknowledge my fears and anxieties. I am committed to bringing them to Him in prayer and laying my burdens at his feet. So, here it goes…

Heavenly Father,

I love you. You are an almighty God. I praise you. I thank you for everything that you’ve already done. I thank you for my breath, for my health, for my sanity, and Thank you for grace, and for new mercies.

Lord, I repent for every way that I’ve turned my back on you, sinned against you, and misrepresented you. Please forgive me, cleanse me, restore me. Today, I make a conscious decision to run from evil and chase after you. Whatever plan you have for me today, that is what I want. I need to hear from you, to see you, and to know you better today. Even when it feels impossible.

Now God, the truth is. my heart is so heavy…so much evil surrounds me. I know that it says in your word, that I should not be afraid. But God, I am scared, and anxious and overwhelmed. So, right now, I’m choosing, instead. to place it in your hands. Lord, cover me and protect me, as only you can. Help me to see others as you do. That I might react and respond in a way that is consistent with your word. That my anger would will have power over me. That my fear and anxiety will not control what I do. Instead, help me to speak and act with love, and with patience. That truth would be on my lips. That I would embody your word, even when the people around me do not.

I know that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I know that your angels are encamped around me. I know that you have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. Lord, You are my comforter. You are my protector. You are my strength. You are my light in the midst of darkness. I am so grateful that I can trust in you and lean on you in this season. I thank you for peace, unexplainable peace, in the midst of chaos. Thank you for allowing me to know you as Jehovah Shalom. I love you God.

May you extend your protection over everyone reading this, over everyone that I love, over everyone connected to me. Make your presence known. That you may get all the glory from our lives. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Published by Moniqué Danaê

God's Strategique Gyal. Holistic Nutrition Specialist. Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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