“No, I Didn’t”

Welcome Back!!! Before you get carried away reading this post, check out part one of this “I thought I found my husband” storytime

Now, let’s get into part two:

Well, I went through my list of questions.

Somewhere in the midst of my “exit interview” he mentioned that he felt he made a mistake.

….Lemme explain something to ya’ll. I know my worth, my value, what I “bring to the table”, who I am, whose I am, and all that. SOOO, I’m not begging nobody to take me back after they threw me to the side like the trash that I’m not. I expect actions and pursuit to follow a statement like “I kinda feel like I made a mistake”.

So, I told him that he made this decision on his own. He did. I had literally NO CLUE a breakup was coming. obviously I thought he made a mistake too.

Well, I moved on and asked my last few questions.

Just before I hung up, the Holy Spirit whispered something to me.

Holy Spirit: “Ask him if he talked to God first”

Me: “I gotta go, but I have one more question. Did you pray about it?”

Him: “um, no I didn’t…”

That was it. My closure.

I mean, yeah, I hoped he would go fast and pray and come back with apologies, and plead to have me back. I was ready to be won back by my husband.

Ya’ll, I thought that I found a MAN OF GOD. This is someone that I prayed with, prayed for, did devotions with, and looked forward to worshipping with. Despite the other signs that he might not be ready to lead me or a household spiritually, I was hopeful. I was trusting my heart in his hands, something that is pretty scary for me.

His answer to THAT QUESTION showed me that he wasn’t ready, or wasn’t the one, to be entrusted with my heart. It’s not enough to talk to God with me; you need to be listening to what God is saying about me.

This story really isn’t about him, his flaws, or relationship with God.

There was a painful reminder for me and hopefully, a pain-free lesson for you.

So, don’t miss the conclusion of this story TOMORROW!

Have you already learned something? Comment below or on Instagram and tell me what God is saying to you.

Published by Moniqué Danaê

God's Strategique Gyal. Holistic Nutrition Specialist. Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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