pt 4: PT School…Attempt #1

Hi Family! Welcome back to this series! We are officially halfway through the content that God has placed on my heart to share. In this post, I am sharing more details and revealing some realizations of what I could have done better. Physical Therapy School: “Attempt 1” Honestly, from January to July of this year,Continue reading “pt 4: PT School…Attempt #1”

pt 3: Embracing Vulnerability

Welcome back! If if you haven’t read the first two parts of this series, I encourage you to read them first: Part 1 & then part 2…..Now that you’re all caught up, lets begin the BIG REVEAL. I began 2018 in a new environment. New town. New school. New “demographic”. I wondered if this was reallyContinue reading “pt 3: Embracing Vulnerability”

Practical Christianity: Love Thy Neighbor

If you’re anything like me, it’s really easy for you to judge others, it’s really easy for you to wonder why your friend, family member, classmate or coworker just can’t seem to pull their life together, recognize their flaws. You’re trying to figure out how they’re are so comfortable with their sin, so comfortable beingContinue reading “Practical Christianity: Love Thy Neighbor”