Practical Christianity: Love Thy Neighbor

If you’re anything like me, it’s really easy for you to judge others, it’s really easy for you to wonder why your friend, family member, classmate or coworker just can’t seem to pull their life together, recognize their flaws. You’re trying to figure out how they’re are so comfortable with their sin, so comfortable beingContinue reading “Practical Christianity: Love Thy Neighbor”

Practical Christianity: When You’re Seeing Red

Dear Family, Being a Christian does NOT dissolve all of your problems; It does not stop you from having enemies. Fortunately, our relationship with God gives us a method to work through our problems with our sanity in tact. It gives us assurance that we will be victorious over everyone or everything that comes againstContinue reading “Practical Christianity: When You’re Seeing Red”

Practical Christianity: Trusting God

Life is ROUGH sometimes. Okay, A LOT of the time. There is ALWAYS something….and if not, that just means a curveball is right around the corner. At least, that’s how it feels. I get it. We’ve all felt like this before. Stress is inevitable. Worry is innate. Maybe, you’re fearing the unknown? yeah, me too.Continue reading “Practical Christianity: Trusting God”