pt 4: PT School…Attempt #1

Hi Family! Welcome back to this series! We are officially halfway through the content that God has placed on my heart to share. In this post, I am sharing more details and revealing some realizations of what I could have done better. Physical Therapy School: “Attempt 1” Honestly, from January to July of this year,Continue reading “pt 4: PT School…Attempt #1”

pt 3: Embracing Vulnerability

Welcome back! If if you haven’t read the first two parts of this series, I encourage you to read them first: Part 1 & then part 2…..Now that you’re all caught up, lets begin the BIG REVEAL. I began 2018 in a new environment. New town. New school. New “demographic”. I wondered if this was reallyContinue reading “pt 3: Embracing Vulnerability”